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    Homecare Beds

Homecare Beds

Thank you for visiting our homecare store, we hope you will be satisfied with the variety of hospital beds available in out store. We have full electric, semi-electric and adjustable hospital beds. All our hospital bed comes with mattresses and everything needed to use the bed. As part of our ongoing effort to add value to our products we now offer overbed tables, trapeze bar, foot stools and wheelchair I.V poles. We carry hospital beds and adjustable beds from Merits, Grahamfield and Golden Technology. Our Golden Technology adjustable beds (standard and luxury beds) are available at very low prices. Shop and buy your electric and adjustable hospital beds online today or contact our customer support team at 1-866-748-2935.

Adjustable Luxury Bed

Heavy Duty Hospital Beds

Foot Stools

Full Electric Hospital Beds

technology luxury adjustable
Starts at $1,192.00
heavy duty
hospital bed, bariatric
hospital beds
Starts at $2,398.00
Star ts at $26.50
bed, full electric hospital
Star ts at $799.99

IV Pole

Manual Hospital Beds

Overbed Table

Patient Alarm

IV pole, bed
Iv Poles
Star ts at $50.00
hospital beds
Starts at $465.00
tables, tilt table
Starts at $77.00
Starts at $26.95

Semi- Electric Hospital Bed

Trapeze Bar & Accessories

semi-electric homecare
beds & hospital
Star ts at $440.00
bed trapeze
Star ts at $119.00

Our Homecare bed products consist of overlay tables, electric hospital beds, semi-electric hospital beds, manual hospital beds, I.V poles, patient alarms, trapeze bar, foot stools, adjustable luxury beds and bariatric hospital beds. Please visit our homecare products store to find the perfect homecare bedroom products. Contact us if you need help finding the appropriate product.


What types of homecare products do you sell?
Semi-electric and full electric hospital beds, Golden technology adjustable standard and luxury beds, IV pole, foot stools, overbed tables, trapeze bar.

Can I return my hospital bed?
Unfortunately we do not accept returns on hospital beds. We will only accept returns if the item arrives damaged or defective.

Do hospital beds have warranty?
All electric hospital beds we sell to you have warranties; please review each individual product page for warranty information.

Do I pay for shipping?
No, all hospital and adjustable beds are shipped directly to you with no cost for shipping.

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