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Manual Wheelchairs

The manual wheelchairs available in our manual wheelchair store starts as low as $98. These wheelchairs are discounted prices and cannot be beat. When selecting a manual wheelchair we have several choices available. The choice of wheelchairs available in our store include transport wheelchairs, standard wheelchairs, lightweight, reclining back, sports, ultra lightweight and heavy duty manual wheel chairs and reclining wheelchairs. Shop with us today for free shipping on all wheelchairs.

Transporter wheelchairs

Lightweight wheelchairs

Standard wheelchairs

Heavy Duty wheelchairs

Transporter wheelchair,
transporter manual 

chair, 4 small wheels lightweight wheelchair,
lightweight manual
wheelchairs, light 

weight standard wheelchair,
standard weight, manual
wheelchair, manual 

chairs, Heavy
Duty manual
wheelchairs,bariatric manual 

wheelchair, large
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  • Most affordable
  • Folds easily
  • Weighs between 16-38lbs
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  • Weighs between 28-39lbs
  • Folds easily
  • Weighs 35lbs and up
  • Folds easily for transport
  • Up to 800lbs
  • Folds easily for transport
  • Optional Reclining feature

Ultra lightweight Wheelchairs

Reclining Manual wheelchairs

Pediatric wheelchairs

Wheelchair cushions

Lightweight wheelchair Recliner wheelchairs,
reclining chairs Pediatric manual
wheelchair wheelchair cushion,
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  • Weighs less
  • Rigid and Folds
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  • Reclines fully
  • Folds easily
  • Multiple Positioning
  • Lightweight
  • Pressure reducing cushion
  • Top Brands

We have several types of manual wheelchairs, standard, transporter, ultra lightweight, lightweight, heavy duty, recliner and pediatric manual wheelchairs. Please visit our manual wheelchair page for a full view of what we have to offer.

Transport wheelchair store
Unlike a standard wheelchair, a transporter wheelchair has small wheels usually four. It has narrow widths when compared to a standard wheelchair. It is ideal for transporting someone who cannot push themselves on a standard manual wheelchair and lacks the judgment to use a power wheelchair or scooter. Order or shop online today or call 1-866-748-2935 for faster service. Different brands available at discount price

Lightweight Wheelchair store
Like the name suggests a lightweight wheelchair is a type of manual wheelchair that weighs between 20 and 30lbs. When you need a wheelchair that is not too heavy, please look to our lightweight wheelchairs. Our lightweight chairs can be customized to include adjustable angle back, elevating legrests, and colors and so on. Order or shop online today for faster service. Different brands available at discount price.

Standard Wheelchair Store
A standard wheelchair is the most common type of manual wheelchair sold in our store. The weight starts at 34lbs and is suitable for individuals who can push themselves or wants to be pushed. Our standard manual wheelchairs can be customized to include elevating legrest, flip up armrest, leg rest. You have the option of removing the legrest so it can be propelled by foot. Order or shop online today for faster service. Different brands available at discount price.

Reclining wheelchair store
Our reclining back manual wheelchairs are suitable for individuals that spend a lot of time in a wheelchair. It gives you the opportunity to recline your wheel chair for extra comfort. You can relax in your wheelchair and watch television. Order or shop online today for faster service. Different brands available at discount price.

The other types of wheelchairs include ultra lightweight and sports wheel chair ideal for advanced users and performing sporting activities. Our ultra lightweight wheelchair starts at 15lbs.


Why are your prices so low?
Your wheelchairs are shipped to you directly from the manufacturer. Because all our customers are preferred customers, we pass our savings onto you.

What happens if my 3 or 4 wheel electric scooter breaks down?
No problem, we are here to help you before and after you purchase your manual wheelchair. If your manual wheel chair breaks down just contact us at 1-866-748-2935. We will work with your to try to resolve the problem. We will send you replacement parts for all items under warranty. For items that are no longer under warranty, we will sell you the parts at a reasonable price.

Will I pay sales tax?

Can I return my Manual wheelchair?
Yes, we have a 30- day return policy. If some reason you are not satisfied with your manual wheelchair please contact us before returning the equipment. To return the equipment it must be in original condition, unused, tires must be clean, power wheelchair must be free of scratches, it must be in the original box, a 10% restocking fee is applied to all returns and the customer is responsible for making arrangements with a shipping company to return the item, in addition, the customer pays all return shipping cost. View our policy section for additional information.

What if my manual wheelchair arrives damaged?
All items (could be a component or whole equipment) that arrive damaged will be repaired or replaced at no cost to you. However, you must contact us within 2 days of receipt of the item to report ay damages

Remember our online store carries manual wheelchairs starting as low as $98We carry the best brand in the market. Sales tax is applied on some items shipped to Maryland

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